It is located in the northwest state of Wyoming, United States, it spans southwestern Montana and eastern Idaho. Yellowstone Volcano is recognized by geologists and researchers in earth sciences as the most dangerous in the world in case of a possible eruption.

The park is one of the most important reserves of wild animals. Among the species that inhabit it are the grizzly bear, elk, antelope, moose, bison, Canadian mouflon, lynx and otter. Among the more than 200 species of birds eagle, pelican and the rare trumpet swan is. Immense forests, mostly coniferous, lining the territory and provide the perfect habitat for wildlife development.

It has over 250 active geysers, hot springs 10,000, a wide variety of wildlife (grizzly bears, bison, wolves, …), stunning flora and fauna lake known worldwide, waterfalls, mountains, rivers. In the center of the park stands a plateau whose altitude broad averages about 2,440 m, which is surrounded by high, rugged mountain ranges.


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