The sacred island of Avalon is a magical place legendary birthplace of legends and mysteries, center Tradition .Estar Goddess worship is to be physically in Glastonbury etherically in Camelot.

For starters recommend a little stroll through downtown Glanstonbury and begin to tune into the energy of the place, walking the labyrinth initiatory Church St.John’s

Visit Abbey, the abbey, which was called the most sacred land of England and where the tombs of King Arthur and Guinevere, a place where we can meditate and connect with our inner found.If you have free time, you’ll find places to go shopping or walk to the Tor and delight the views of “Camelot”, or enjoy a cappuccino or take refreshment in the village.

Another must-see is going to Chalice Well Garden or Fairy, with Chalice Well, where legend has it that Joseph of Arimathea took the cup of Christ.A Grail place where you can feel the magic of the fairies, and energy of the telluric line … if you open your heart to the energy of the place will open for you the door of the kingdom of Avalon that will remain forever because of you. A place to walk, meditate, Morgana offerings to the guardian of the well, sit on the bank of the Angel, sacred drink or bathe your feet in the Fuente del Peregrino past lives to connect with water.

I hope at least seek more information about this wonderful place. Besides being incredible it is a very affordable place.

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