Crete is a large island, which almost say a small country, and requires a minimum of a week to get an idea of ​​the complexity of the territory and its many charms. In general, the north is very touristy thing (there are many beaches, and some very beautiful, as Aghias Marinas, near Hania), while the south is less exploited. The interior is very mountainous, a real paradise for hikers (there are many marked trails), hundreds of caves and hiding (it is said that one Zeus was born).

In the north stand cities such as Agios Nikolaos, with a pretty harbor, a powerful fortress, some mosques and an attractive old town, especially Haniá (Chania), beautiful and suggestive population plagued with Turkish and Venetian traces historic center his magical harbor, its traditional market, its Venetian fortress and its neoclassical mansions. Most populous and noisy is the capital, Iraklion (also called Candia, which names the name sugar), which can make a small room to stroll through its pedestrian streets and visit the Archaeological Museum.

Crete has a bit of everything: archeology (the reconstructed palace of Knossos, among other equally important but less restored com Malia or Festos), sightseeing tours (Lasithi Valley with its hundreds of windmills, or the spectacular Samaria Gorge 16 kilometers between rock formations, wildlife and abandoned villages, which descends from the mountains to the sea), exotic beaches as (VAI, with a natural palm grove), places with history (Stavros, where people are filmed Zorba the Greek, the Arkadi monastery, famous for a terrible massacre by the Turks; Fódele, villa where the famous painter El Greco was born) …

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