Is there anything more romantic than a walk with your partner with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop ? If one of those sunsets also occurs in a city full of magic, the scene still earn a lot more points . And although every couple is different , one thing never changes : we all love being alone and lost with that special someone somewhere deep .

Roman ruins, medieval vestiges, Venetian and Austrian traces can be seen all across the city, as well as antique palaces, squares, bridges and wonderful churches. In the historical center, Piazza Bra and the Arena, Piazza Erbe and Piazza dei Signori, Via Cappello and Corso Porta Borsari lead to the Roman Theatre, Ponte Pietra, Castelvecchio, the Ponte Scaligero and the ancient churches of San Fermo and Sant’Anastasia, the Cathedral (Duomo) and San Zeno.

ITS culture and art are well renowned on a national and international level.

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