Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Hello again friends, and happy 2016! After a few days of vacation without updating the blog, I want to talk you about a place that gave me a special energy when I visited it.

Im talking about Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States. This amazing canyon has been formed by the passage of water currents for thousands of years, giving that peculiar form to the canyon.

It is certainly one of the most visited in the world, because as I have said before, this place has a special magic that surrounds you.

As I have already said, its shape is due to the passage of water, and in fact is one of the biggest problems we encounter when visiting it. From one moment to another it can be flooded due to water currents coming down from the top of the mountains and go through this canyon. And unfortunately there were fatalities due to flooding of the place, which is why it is mandatory to go with a guide.

Do not let the opportunity to visit this wonderful place…

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