Trekking to mount Roraima, Venezuela

Today we want to share with you an experience that has marked, and has been impressive enjoy a place where time stopped long ago.

Travel agencies maybe will say that trekking this mount Roraime is hard, but everyone can do it. Maybe yes, it’s true that anyone can do it, but I assure you it will be very hard.

On the morning is possible that you enjoy a very comfortable and hot temperatue, but nightfall may be very cold, there are very extreme thermal differences, not to mention that there also tends to rain a lot, making it difficult to climb Roraima with this conditions.

After two hard days of walking and climbing, you will realize that this travel really worth it, enjoy the landscape, these waterfalls falling from a height of 100 meters and feed the various rivers that rise there … Definitely an experience like this is priceless.

We recommend this experience that should be lived at least once in life, but that we recommend a few things:

  • Take many socks
  • Carrying bags for clothes so you do not get wet
  • Bring raincoat … Here it rains a lot
  • Basic Medicines
  • Wear good hiking boots
  • Sunscreen to protect you from the sun
  • Warm clothes because at night it can get very cold

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