Magic place you need to visit

The place which we are talking about its an a beech forest, in Vizcaya, Spain. Just look at this:


So beautiful right? It seems like a tale place right?

This beautiful forest is made up of only a few hundred beech, but well distributed and next to a small river, making this place a dream.

Beech fans noticed something unusual in these beech: their branches do not grow horizontally, as is common among the beeches, but vertically to the sky. That’s because these trees were exploited by the citizens of the zone to obtain charcoal.

You can find this colorful site at the north of Spain, as we have said it is in Vizcaya, in the Gorbea’s Natural Park. Those who are interested to visit it, if you go in summer you will enjoy a nice sunny weather, since in Spain there are usually many sunny days in summer. However, if you opt for a visit in winter, this is an area where it rains frequently, so it is important that you bring a raincoat prepared.

There is a map where you can find it:


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