Sea of stars, Vadhoo Island, Maldivas

On 2015 we have visited Maldivas islands and we enjoyed this AMAZING wonder of the nature. You can see it on photos, but you will never feel the magic as you can feel when you are there, on this beautiful beach. It is called the sea of stars, placed on Vaadhoo island.

When you are there you can not believe what you’re seeing, how the sea can be filled with small lights dancing with the sea waves, how is it possible?

This natural phenomenon is due to bioluminescence, is the ability of certain living organisms to produce light. In this case, the beach Vaadhoo glows in the dark due to phytoplankton when it is disturbed by oxygen. Thats how these vegetable responds this way when moved by the sea and contact with oxygen.

It is undoubtedly one of the most impressive natural spectacles that I have lived, and I recommend that you to do this trip, because you will feel the magic, this synchronization that we can feel sometimes with nature and peace that makes us feel. Just amazing…


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