Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zeland


Before we begin our adventure in New Zealand we had already heard of them: luminous worms that hang on the walls of a cave. Well, I described it seems not to have too much emotion, but when you look up in the middle of the darkness of the cave and see thousands of blue lights above you, is truly amazing!

This show is in the Waikato region, south of Auckland. Its name means “water entering a hole in the earth.” I do not know if you would know the meaning of this word browsers, but apparently if they were interested in caves and especially these: the “Glowworm Caves” or “Waitomo Caves” or for friends … the caves of the glowworms, for in 1887 they were “discovered” since it is an attraction that captivates everyone who passes by.

So you know friends, if you like the unique and unrepeatable places you have to visit this marvelous place!

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