Rainbow Mountains: Zhangye Danxia National Park

Las formaciones rocosas de Zhangye Danxia en China

Is not that like a freshly painted with extraordinary colors canvas? Well, no friends, is actually a mountain in China. Rainbow formation is the result of red sandstone deposits and minerals that have been installed over the last 24 million years.

Zhangye Danxia The park is known for the unusual colors of its rock formations, which are smooth, crisp and have some hundreds of meters high. They are the result of sandstone deposits and other minerals that occurred durabte several million years. The result, similar to the layers of a cake flavors, is related to the action of the same plate tectonics responsible for creating part of Hilamalya. The wind, rain and time have sculpted the mountains with particular forms, such as towers, columns and ravines, with different colors, patterns and sizes.

In 2005, the Zhangye Danxia park was voted by a jury of journalists from 34 mainstream media of China as one of the most beautiful areas of the relief Danxia. In 2009, the Chinese National Geography magazine chose China Zhangye Danxia as one of the “six most beautiful landforms” in China. The area has become a tourist attraction for Zhangye. They have built a series of wooden walkways and driveways to help visitors explore the rock formations. In 2014, 100 million yuan was invested to improve facilities at the site of Binggou.

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