Asterix Park, France


A different place to go with family and not everyone knows place. It is a theme park dedicated to Asterix and Obelix, which is recreated with great care the settlement of these known comic characters. Packed with fun attractions and very good shows, in the “Parc Asterix” we find six different universes:

Galia: This area can enjoy fun attractions for younger and also for the not so young. Perhaps among the most famous we can distinguish “Le trace of hourra”, which will visit a spectacular descent over 60km / h, or if we like something quieter can enjoy “Grand Splatch” a peaceful boat ride. .. Until aquatic effects begin where we get wet “a little”. At 12:30 all the characters gather in this area with visitors, where you will be able to take pictures with them.
Ancient Greece: Here we can enjoy one of our favorite attractions, the wooden roller coaster “Tonnerre de Zeus” and if you think it is and you dare with something more risky, can enjoy the “Vol d’Icare” if analyzing the name you can get an idea of ​​what you’ll find … lol. You can also enjoy the show of dolphins and sea lions in this area.
Egypt: Can we find a pair of roller coasters a little quieter, where children can enjoy, one of which is “Ozlris” and the other “SOS Numerobis”.
The Roman Empire: Perhaps one of the most complete areas, but where more people will find obviously. It has many fun attractions, but one of the most remarkable things is the spectacle of “Roman Circus”, where the family can enjoy magic numbers, acrobatics and many surprises that you must see for yourself.
Vikings: Among many other attractions, highlight a boat Viking Seesaw and fun water adventure “Drakkars”.
Over time: Here you can find the impressive slide of nearly 200 meters, “Oxygénarium”.
In each area we can find events and shows at all hours of the day, I guess they will change the times and events according to the season or convenience of the park, but you can rest assured, because that information provided to us on a detailed map park where you will see the times and all attractions.

Of course, as in any self-respecting park, we can also find many restaurants where you can eat, coffee, etc. This does not mean that is also allowed us to take our own food for the whole family in one of the “picnic” areas of the park.

We do not want to reveal more about this quaint and beautiful park, you must find out for yourselves! Just add that you can find about 40 minutes from Paris, and that can easily be reached by bus, or in our own car and park in the parking (comes out to about 10 € day).

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