Is there anything more romantic than a walk with your partner with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop? If one of those sunsets also occurs in a city full of magic, the scene still win many more points. And although every couple is different, one thing never changes: we all love being alone and lost with that person so special in some hidden place.

Do you want to surprise your partner with a romantic getaway? What do you think go to Monterrey? It is inexplicable that you can admire the view over the bay … Besides being colndante the Pacific, gastronomy is one of its strengths: the seafood restaurants are wonderful. If you dare, you can explore the bay by kayak to see sea lions, seals and otters up close. I found in Monterrey tranquility and relaxation but there is a very good deal for water and land activities if you are a couple of adventurers. I recommend kayaking around the bays.

Click here and you will refer  with the best monuments, parks and attractions.

Enjoy with your couple! you will fall in love!


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