Bali, an exotic and romantic getaway

Bali is certainly one of the most exotic and spectacular destinations where we can go with your partner to enjoy a quiet holiday.

It is known as the “island of the gods”, and is a marvel of nature with its dense jungles and beautiful beaches of fine white sand, where we can rest and recharge your batteries surrounded by palm trees.

It is the westernmost of the smaller islands of Sonda island and is perfect for those who enjoy nature and want to travel to an exotic place that deviates slightly from the common destinations that we always choose destination.

One of its main attractions, as we have said, is its tranquility, but if we are looking for a little action also can explore its jungles, go in search of its famous temples and pay them a visit.

To give you an idea of ​​the cost could be a trip to Bali, we have estimated according to the average current market value, and you could get a 12-day circuit approximately 1,400 €.

Bali is a destination not to be missed!


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