Hidden Beach, Marieta Islands, Mexico

playa escondida

The Marieta Islands, near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a national park, so there are only two permitted activities in the area, kayaking and snorkeling, so the islands are free from damage and degradation.

In this magnificent paradise, where the climate does not change during the year, one of the islands has a fascinating “secret beach” that you enter only through a cave. There is enough space between the rock ceiling of the cave and the crystal clear waters for visitors to swim freely without having to hold your breath or use scuba gear to access it.

The feeling you have when you get to this unique haven of tranquility and natural beauty is incredibly wonderful and comforting. It is believed that “holes” like this were formed in the early 1900s when intense military activities were carried out in these islands uninhabitable. We are happy that the damage was reduced only to the formation of some caves and now people can enjoy this wonderful place.

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