Iceland family is a trip designed to travel with children and do it in a relaxed way. Also the landscape is fascinating, authentic,
and dazzling by its nature.

Travelling with your family brings you closer to one of the most incredible and amazing world destinations: Iceland, the Isle of ice
and fire, chosen by Lonely Planet as one of the best destinations in the world and an outstanding adventure destination where volcanoes,
lava flows, glaciers, geysers, cliffs and spectacular waterfalls represent the wildest nature in immense spaces full of light and
energy. Its people is open and friendly ypodreis enjoy the island for the same reasons that the Vikings discovered and enjoyed from the
9th century: passion for freedom.
Discover the most fascinating, real, wild, landscape absolutely magnetic and dazzling nature which traps forever. A few of the places
that you can not miss are (in any hotel that you will give information on how to get):
Snaefellsnesborgarfjordur peninsula: with the StrokkurReykholt/Hella geyser eruption: to admire the spectacular waterfalls of Seljajandsfoss,
which you can traverse by Detrasel Golden Circle: these Cascades have the particularity that the falling water is water filtered emanating
from the interior of the rocaReykjavik : Here in addition to the landscape, I recommend you stop by the “Blue Lagoon”, where there are hot
springs with therapeutic properties, with water at a constant temperature of 36 ° C and a bathroom

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