Visiting Brussels with children is amazing. Brussels is a city full of peculiar amalgams cause and that children are always attentive  and entertained looking for a statue, garden, facade or wall that makes them cry a smile or a grimace of astonishment or onomatopoeia.

These are some of the places to visit in Brussels with children who will love your children.

Atomium, Brussels icon

Fotos de Bruselas, AtomiumPhotos Brussels, Atomium you feel very small atoms under enormous reminding one of those toys that both constructions like the kids.

Mini-Europe, a continent in miniature

Fotos de Bruselas, Mini-EuropePhotos Brussels Mini-Europe A quirky theme park where children can discover the main monuments of the old continent.

A city of comic and fun museums

Casa decorada con una viñeta de cómic en BruselasHouse decorated with a comic strip in Brussels Comic Route and facades depicting scenes of Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, enre others.

Brussels, a city full of parks

Fotos de Bruselas, Invernaderos Reales de LaekenPhotos of Brussels, Royal Greenhouses of Laeken for the kids to play, run and have fun at home. In that sense, Brussels is a paradise.

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