Three amazing places to visit in Budapest

If you visit Hungary, you must go through Budapest and visit these three amazing places … Budapest is a magical city with a dream locations. Believe us when we say that you will thank us for this post when you visit this city.

There are many more places to visit, but we will say that three essential ones you need to see with your own eyes:


Fishermen’s Bastion: The construction of the Fishermen’s Bastion ended in 1902, after almost two decades of work. Its seven towers commemorating the seven founding tribes Hungary. In the fortress is a statue of Stephen I on horseback.

From the Fishermen’s Bastion the best views of the Parliament of Budapest are achieved. If you do visit at sunset, besides getting the best pictures, making a bit of time around you you can take to see Pest illuminated.

The visit to the Fishermen’s Bastion is ideal for combining with the Buda Castle and Matthias Church. All of them are located on the same hill a short distance walking.

Do not miss it !


Heroes’ Square: The Heroes’ Square is one of the most important places in Budapest. His statues commemorating the founding leaders of the seven Hungarian tribes.

Located in the less central end of Andrássy Avenue, the main artery of the city, Heroes Square form with it an important architectural ensemble declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

The most representative Heroes Square building is the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the best museums in Budapest.

Budapest Opera House: Designed by Miklós Ybl Hungarian architect, is one of the most important Renaissance buildings neo Hungary.

The construction of the building was carried out between 1875 and 1884 and was funded by Franz Joseph I, Emperor of Austria and King of Bohemia, with the condition that it was not bigger than the Vienna State Opera. Budapest Opera has 1,261 seats.

The building’s exterior is decorated with sculptures of famous musicians and composers.

If you want to visit the opera, you have two options: Take the tour (recommended), this visit will give you a lot of information and curiositiesm multilingual guided. Buy a ticket for some opera or ballet, there are performances almost every day, if you like opera or ballet you will enjoy it.

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